There are over 1,000,000 Student Veterans right now attending universities across the United States. Student Veterans of America maintains a directory of over 1,500 sanctioned Student Veteran Associations. Our Mission is to unify “America’s Next Greatest Generation.”

Our Goals

(1) Student Veteran Organizations To Their Members. Groups can be created and allow forums for members to speak openly about issues and achievments. Groups can be Private, Public or Hidden (invite only.)  Organizations can upload content and ensure only group members receive notification of posting times and data.

(2) Organization to Organization. Promote group to group representatives to speak on behalf of their Organization. Newer groups can learn from more experienced groups. Learn about opportunities, networking and obtaining facilities from groups who have been successful.

(3) Site-Wide Member to Member. Foster an enviroment that excites Student Veteran Alumni to pass along their knowledge to current Student Veterans. Allow ROTC to share their experiences with the next class and build a foundation for current Student Veterans to extend their personal and professional network.

We are the dreamers and the doers. Let’s tread Together.

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